We want to apologize for the delay in this weekly piece. Our website was off and on for the past few days, which didn’t allow anyone access to continue posting articles like we usually do. Hopefully, the problem is resolved, and we can get back on schedule. And while there was huge news that was announced on Tuesday, we are going to cover that in the next installment. It’s funny cause this past week, there wasn’t much to talk about involving the block (unlike what is going on this current week). While there’s an extraordinary event that will happen in the next two months involving Made in Abyss and Blade Runner: Black Lotus was nominated for an award, things are in a holding pattern as far as any news items are concerned. While this is one of the shorter editions, we hope you enjoy some of the things we could discuss involving movies, video games, and the legacy of a voice-acting giant in the anime world. Make sure to check it out in This Week From Toonami!

Blade Runner: Black Lotus had an eventful week, with a new comic and being nominated for an award. Earlier this week, Titan Comics released a new trailer this week for their first issue of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus sequel comic. The first issue is now available for fans who want to learn more about Elle’s journey after what happened in the anime series, with it debuting this past Wednesday. Jason DeMarco even mentioned on Twitter how he is excited about the project and wants to learn more, so that is as good as any seal of approval for more Blade Runner: Black Lotus content. But the Saturn Awards look to have fans reflect on what aired on Toonami as Blade Runner: Black Lotus was nominated for best-animated series. For those curious, the Saturn Awards celebrate the best in fantasy, science fiction, and horror, putting Blade Runner: Black Lotus in elite company with other series like Arcane and Invincible also nominated. It isn’t likely it will be able to beat either of those two series, but to be in the running with them, might show how those within the industry view the title.

One Piece Film Red is continuing to dominate the Japanese box office. According to Anime News Network, the staff and cast of the project announced that the film had earned over five billion yen as of Saturday. And while it’s obvious how much money the title has made, here’s a quote from the article that sells just how impressive this feat is for One Piece Film Red. “The film earned 78% more in its first two days than the previous film One Piece Stampede did in its first three days.” That is an absurd number for One Piece Film Red, and we can only imagine that the number will continue to rise as time progresses. It will be interesting to see how well it will perform in the U.S. when it debuts here.

And it wasn’t just an encore run of Made in Abyss that has Toonami fans talking. A new gameplay and battle overview trailer debuted for the latest video game Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness. It’s a short video showing all you’ll need to know if you pick it up, which has us pretty excited at the prospect of us exploring the abyss. And for those in Japan, a department store chain PARCO is teaming up with the popular series. They will be running a Made in Abyss Exhibition ~Tracks of the Challengers~ at their Tokyo and Aichi locations, according to an article on Crunchyroll. Attendees will walk through art displays from both seasons and specially made videos combining moments from anime and manga. Essential items from the series will also be on display, and fans can try out some food inspired by the series and possibly shop for some fantastic merchandise during the event, which will last from Sep. 2-19 and Oct. 1-16.

A new character was released in Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles. This time, the advanced demon form of Nezuko Kamado will join the battle. The new version of Nezuko is now available to play in versus mode locally and online as part of the new Character Pack DLC, which also comes with a set of profile photos and quotes from her. The videos of players showcasing her show that she seems strong and looks cool to use when playing. The game also offers free new updates, including Exhilarating Arena Battles, Moving Drama, Thrilling Boss Battles, and bringing back the original English voices! We can only suspect that the game has a decent player base to continue providing updates and new characters. So we are thrilled to learn more about everything new coming to Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles.

Toonami Faithful was sad to learn that legendary voice actor Kiyoshi Kobayashi passed away on July 30 due to pneumonia. He was 89. Kobayashi was best known for providing the voice for Daisuke Jigen for the Lupin the Third franchise for 52 years. Last September, Kobayashi announced his retirement from the role. We send our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones during this difficult time.

Last week the creator of Toonami Squad, JMB, released a statement to update his health status. Due to a spinal cord compression due to degenerative disc disease, which has caused radiculopathy, bilateral sciatica nerve pain, and muscle weakness, among other complications. Because of this, he has decided to step down from his role at Toonami Squad. It doesn’t mean he won’t return, but right now, JMB wants to focus on his upcoming surgeries (which you can find out more about here). We at Toonami Faithful would like to offer our support in wishing JMB a successful surgery and speedy recovery so he can return to doing what he loves. Please join us in hoping things work out for a massive Toonami fan.

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