The wait is over, for now anyway. Toonami has finally acquired a new series to join the block, with the second season of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon set to air on the block at the end of July. Jason DeMarco mentioned that Adult Swim is currently dealing with a budget freeze which obviously impacted their ability to acquire new series (among other things). While we wouldn’t say everything is all set and ready to continue moving forward cause anything can happen, but it’s nice that something fans have wanted to have on the block will be doing that soon! Hopefully, more wonderful news can be shared, but for now, let’s dive into all that happened this week for the latest This Week From Toonami.

It’s time to get your best faces of Moroha ready as Toonami announced on their Facebook page that Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon’s second season will return to the block on July 30, at 12:30 a.m. With this new arrival, Lupin the Third Part VI will move back to 1 a.m., and Naruto Shippuden will return to only airing one episode weekly. If you are curious about the entire lineup, check out the tweet below or Toonami’s Facebook page to stay up to date and how things are shaping up. On a bright note, fans are hoping this will mean more new series will be able to join the block due to how much Toonami has been forced to get creative with the lineup over the past few months. While we aren’t holding our breaths on the rerun hour changing dramatically soon, maybe an older series will find its way there? Anything is possible, and it should bring a level of excitement for fans if Toonami can operate as usual.

For the newest video treat for Toonami fans, the block produced a small ode to Naruto Shippuden, highlighting how it’s one of the all-time greats both in the anime-sphere and Toonami’s. Reminiscent of some of the older promos that aired on Cartoon Network highlighting Dragon Ball Z characters. It’s cool to see a series get some extra love, and maybe this could mean Adult Swim might do more of these for other shows? It would be fun to see if that happens in the future!

Toonami fans got a video message from the original creator of Housing Complex C this week! Posted by Maki Terashima-Furuta, we are given a synopsis of how the series came about, giving some cultural insight to those who live outside of Japan. And what the creator wants fans in the U.S. to see when it finally debuts on Toonami! It’s a lot more profound than some might think, and it’s terrific that fans were given a small video to help get excited about the new series!

And Housing Complex C wasn’t the only series posting new tweets for Toonami fans. Three new FLCL videos were published from the official Twitter account, giving fans a message from The Pillows (by Sawao Yamanaka) and the directors of FLCL: Shoegaze and Grunge! Yamanaka speaks about how The Pillows were asked again to provide music for the series and talked about his thought process on which songs or pieces would work best with what he’s seen and that The Pillows will create a new track! Fans also got to meet and learn more about the series’ directors and what to expect when they both debut! FLCL: Shoegaze takes place ten years after FLCL: Alternative, and instead of Kana being the focal point, fans will get two main characters, a boy and a girl. FLCL: Grunge will have three characters be the centerpieces of its series and talk about how it will be a CGI anime series. Both offer some fun insight into what to expect, and fans will want to watch to know all we can for the series that will premiere on Toonami!

Are you upset? Well, you might be since more Pop Team Epic will be debuting this October. The second season of the comedy series released a couple of new visuals to add to the anticipation of the series (or make them upset). While we aren’t sure if this series will be able to continue on the block, it is fun to keep tabs on what’s going on with Pop Team Epic, and maybe we will be hit with a surprise down the road for a possible Toonami broadcast!

Besides seeing the Demon Slayer train show up around Los Angeles, a new patch was added to the video game Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles. Not only are fans getting a new character, Tengen Uzui, as a paid DLC character and new skins (Kimetsu Academy Summer Uniforms) that are paid DLC, but the game added a free update adding the Entertainment District arena. In the article linked, you can see a character demo for Uzui, and the new arena players will get to fight in when the update is downloaded. He looks to be a lot of fun to play as, so fans of the game might want to grab him when the can!

While the series turned out to be a dud, Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop was recognized and nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design. And while no other anime titles were nominated, and this one not being as popular as many would have liked, it’s nice that at least one thing about an anime property is getting a bit of a spotlight at an award ceremony. And say what you will; this opening credit scene isn’t bad.

Do you remember Duel Masters when it aired on Toonami? Or that it even did on the block? We aren’t kidding, and sadly, it has been viewed as one of the worst anime series rated on My Anime List (MAL). Thankfully, we aren’t here to talk more about that because TV Tokyo announced this week that new anime was going to be made titled Duel Masters Win, which will premiere in September. And a new manga will coincide with this new anime release starting in August for Shogakukan’s Coro Coro Comics. It’s funny to see how a new Duel Masters anime will be made, but we are here for it and wonder how it will look when it does premiere this year!

A new episode of the Toonami Faithful Podcast was published this week as host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson wanted to discuss Jason DeMarco’s latest Q&A thread on Twitter. It had a few interesting pieces of information that led to a lengthy topic for him and his esteemed guests, Paul PescrilloBryan “LaserKid” Johnson, and Junior. This episode is a little over two hours, highlighting a ton to talk about with what has been happening at Adult Swim. While the episode title is a bit poorly timed due to Toonami’s recent scheduling news, we do hope you find some time to hear what a few long-standing members of the Toonami Faithful family had to say during these tumultuous times for the block.

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