Nostalgia is in the air as Toonami officially reached the milestone of 10 years on Adult Swim! It’s wild to think about, considering how constant things change in entertainment. Yet, despite what some might say is the eventual end of linear television, Toonami is still going strong with all-new originals lined up and higher-ups happy about the state of the block. And they aren’t the only ones; fans all over have been showing their love for Toonami in all kinds of projects we cannot wait to share with you! So check out this fantastic fan edition of This Week From Toonami!

Toonami had another game review for fans to check out on their latest broadcast. This week TOM and SARA checked out a Metroidvania game, Forged In Shadow Torch, due to being able to play a “tough as nails rabbit.” It takes a bit of time to get used to the gameplay, but after some practice, you’ll be able to smash everything in sight with the giant fist you carry around. The graphics for this game look stellar, and the progression players have with skills and your giant robot arm make the game feel satisfying to play (to go along with its story). Overall, the Toonami crew was impressed and gave Forged In Shadow Torch a solid score of eight out of 10.

Toei Animation posted their first 30-second trailer for the newest Dragon Ball Super film Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO. In it, a few battles are showcased to get fans excited for this new movie as everyone gets ready for what should be an explosive experience for viewers. We aren’t sure when the film will be screening in the U.S. (which will be handled by Crunchyroll), but Japanese fans won’t have to wait long (June 11) for this epic story to unfold. We look forward to hearing more information about the project and will keep you updated when you can see it in the U.S.

Bandai Namco Entertainment had a few game announcements that caught our attention, starting with new information regarding the game JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R. In the trailer below, we learn of a release date (Sep. 2), the platforms it will be available on (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch), and showcases four new characters spotlighted. Those characters are Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Mariah (her part in the trailer was hilarious), Pet Shops, and Diego Brando. Preorders are open now and include deluxe and collector editions that many JoJo fans might want to look into as soon as possible! It certainly feels like a spiritual successor to the previous All-Star Battle game, and we love the emotion from the trailer alone. It looks impressive, and we believe it will be a must-have for those who enjoy the franchise.

It might be difficult to contain your excitement for this latest piece of news, but the series SD Gundam (which, yes, was a Toonami show and one we cannot wait to see in The Book of Toonami video project), will be getting not one, but TWO video games soon. Bandai Namco Entertainment’s YouTube page posted a nearly 6-minute release date announcement video showcasing what players can expect when they get SD Gundam Battle Alliance on Aug. 25. But the fun doesn’t stop there! During The Gundam Game Fest event, a new strategy game titled SD Gundam G Generation Eternal will soon launch for iOS and Android devices. A closed beta test will be incoming for fans to try out and see what this new game might need to entice others to play, and in the article by Anime News Network, the game will feature a lot of popular Gundam series in the game! If you love the franchise, you might want to check this out when you can!

Finally, in shocking news, the hiatus for the latest chapter of Hunter x Hunter might be around the corner. On a newly created Twitter account, author Yoshihiro Togashi posted pictures of what looked to be manuscripts for Hunter x Hunter. While we are excited about this prospect, we hope that he is in better health to publish more chapters of the series and cannot wait to see what is in store for this latest story arc!

Many fans celebrated Toonami’s anniversary of returning to Adult Swim for real on May 26, 2012. We were floored by the articles, artwork, videos, and musical productions, all inspired by the cartoon block. We enjoy writing a wrap-up piece for fans to check out in times like this, and we highly recommend browsing the web to look at everything people created! We feel that’s important with a platform that we have and spread all kinds of love for other like-minded people who love the block as much as us! We hope you enjoy everything!

The first episode of The Book of Toonami video series was published this week, where the creator of ToonamiBot (Chad Bonin) discusses the iconic series ThunderCats. Written by Toonami veteran Jeff Harris with music provided by Karl Olson, Bonin delves into the history of the series (how it was conceived), the toy background, and how vital the acquisition was for the block in a crisp 18-minute video. We couldn’t be happier to see the first episode of this monstrous project out, and we cannot stress enough how vital these videos will be for Toonami fans to brush up on their history of the block, and we love what Bonin’s team was able to accomplish.

Former staff writer Alien Renagade was holding out on us as he published some unreleased tracks from his last Toonami-inspired album, Toonami Beats Vol.5. For those curious, Alien’s music was sprinkled all over our documentary project, What Toonami Means To Me, and continues to impress with these new goodies for Toonami fans to eat up. While he won’t be making any more Toonami-inspired music due to his interests switching to other ventures (which we offer all our support for), we cannot stress enough for music heads to check these unreleased tracks out when you can. Toonami has inspired so much in music, so getting new beats in honor of their 10th anniversary is a beautiful way to celebrate.

Friend of Toonami Faithful Fabian LeFevre posted a video about his thoughts toward Toonami now that it has reached the milestone of 10 years on Adult Swim. In the video, LeFevre discusses his feelings and what the block meant to him, and how much he blamed himself for not watching it every week right after it left the airwaves in 2008. It’s a feeling many fans felt when Toonami went away, and hitting the raw emotion of losing something many held dear stings a ton. LeFevre also talks about his delight when Toonami returned on an April Fools prank and that the block is even more revered in his eyes due to the community aspect that has been enhanced since the introduction of social media. We were touched by LeFevre’s video (especially since it mentioned us) and loved hearing his testimonial about the block and why it holds a special place in his heart! Make sure to check it out when you can!

And Jeff Harris wasn’t done in giving Toonami fans some goodies! In the thread below, he posted some new promo cards for his old website, The X Bridge (a place many Toonami veterans will know). Harris was on a nostalgia kick and made some fantastic artwork for series like Bleach, Deadman Wonderland, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, to name a few. It’s some excellent work and if you are a big Toonami fan, give Harris a follow to see what other commentary he might have toward the block.

*Correction*: Alien Renegade will continue to make music, but they won’t be Toonami-inspired beats anymore.

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