Since Dragon Ball Z Kai has been confirmed to air on Toonami, there has been endless speculation about what format it will be airing due to the fact that for this show to be truly uncut, there would have to be black bars for the series to remain in 4:3 quality. Well, the staff at Toonami accepted the challenge and during this Saturday night’s broadcast of the block, they teased a look at how they will be handling it. You can take a look at the promo below!

What do you think of the “lil space bars”? Does it distract you from the show or do you like Toonami keeping the show as intended to be? Comment with your thoughts below!



  1. Didn’t they do this for shows when Adult Swim did their little backdoor pilot for Toonami’s return on April Fools 2012?

      • I think he was asking if they showed anything in 4:3 with bars on the sides. Yu Yu Hakusho was the only episode to air like that.

    • Off the top of my head the only 4:3 show to actually air with bars that night was Yu Yu Hakusho, since that was the only one FUNimation had access to HD masters for at the time. DBZ and Gundam apparently even used the same edited masters from the original Cartoon Network broadcasts, and were stretched.

  2. Personally I only care if Toonami plans to air DBZ with its English soundtrack because in all honesty the Japanese soundtrack makes DBZ seem stupid and I also hope they put in that English opening to add that extra essence of nostalgia.

    • They almost definitely won’t…Bruce Faulconer’s soundtrack was on Dragon Ball Z, this is Dragon Ball Z Kai, which is technically a different series. Although exactly what they’ll do for a soundtrack is sort of up in the air since the Kenji Yamamoto soundtrack Kai used (which was excellent BTW) has legal issues behind it now since he got in trouble for plagiarism. So….in theory at least for the first few seasons it COULD happen.

      • So like I said it sucks because when you plagiarize another persons work you technically lose all creditability and there for,Funimation should add Bruce Faulconer’s,plus his soundtrack did give DBZ that extra hint of awesomeness.(Kenji’s was used for the Nickelodeon kai version right and if it is that same one then like I said it sucks,not talking about openings and endings just the background music.)(plus if Toei reuses animation for a series why can’t Funimation reuse soundtracks,just saying.)

        • Yes, they used the Yamamoto soundtrack on Nicktoons and on the first several seasons of the DVD/Blu Rays. The later seasons used the Shunsuke Kikuchi soundtrack from OG Dragon Ball Z (which was also shown on Vortexx) and I’ve heard some on demand releases actually have no background music at all. Using Bruce Faulconer for the Yamamoto seasons probably wouldn’t be a bad idea since the Kikuchi soundtrack kinda doesn’t go well with Kai (shiny new remastered visuals+old sounding soundtrack is pretty jarring even though I like it with OG DBZ, as having no background would be) and it was the only US soundtrack for Dragon Ball that wasn’t terrible. Being newER it might not stick out as badly with Kai too. It’s hard to say if there’d be issues or not licensing that or something, plus they’d have to edit it in on a broadcast schedule and it might be thrown in a little sloppily.

  3. Kai was in 4:3? I thought it was all new animation for Dragonball Z? It’s going to be weird seeing bars, but lets see how this works.

    • Nope, like 95% of it was reused footage from DBZ, albeit remastered in HD. None of the handful of episodes I’ve seen had any aside from the OP/ED, but from what I’ve heard there are a few newly animated scenes here and there, but it’s kind of jarring when they appear since the difference in visual style between the modern and cell animation is so great.

  4. Honestly I don’t mind stretch-o-vision all that much but I’ve seen enough anime and shows in general that are in 4:3 that I don’t mind that either and if the stretch effects quality that badly (like Avatar on Nicktoons now) I actually prefer it. The stylized black bars might take getting used to though, but they’ll look good when I do.

  5. This is going to bomb LoL the amount of facepalms will be over 9000
    Dbz is good but won’t bring in the ratings especially in the time slot it’s in.

      • Yeah really, I’d say other than Pokemon at it’s height in the late 90s and MAYBE Yu-Gi-Oh! at it’s height no anime in the last 50 years has been bigger than DBZ in the US. Plus the uncut version of Kai is only legally available on DVD and Blu-Ray so it’s new to a lot of people.


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