All data obtained from @SonOfTheBronx on Twitter:

Programming Insider

May 16th, 2020

12:00amMy Hero Academia463,000256,000
12:30amParanoia Agent313,000190,000
1:00amMob Psycho 100305,000207,000
1:30amBlack Clover294,000201,000
2:00amJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure267,000179,000
2:30amNaruto: Shippuden233,000165,000

May 18th, 2019

11:00pmDragon Ball Super660,000398,000
11:30pmMy Hero Academia408,000245,000
12:00amThe Promised Neverland363,000214,000
12:30amSword Art Online334,000206,000
1:00amJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure271,000176,000
1:30amBlack Clover291,000182,000
2:30amNaruto: Shippuden236,000142,000
3:00amHunter X Hunter248,000156,000
3:30amAttack on Titan218,000134,000

If you want more data, you can check my spreadsheet here;. That will have further data including per year difference and A18-49 differences.

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