On Friday, Toonami had revealed its new schedule upon the return of Attack on Titan for season 3 and the continuation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for Diamond is Unbreakable on August 18. It has been revealed that Toonami will indeed be expanding to 10 pm ET/PT, with My Hero Academia leading off the block at the new timeslot. Attack on Titan will run at 11 pm, while JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will remain at its current slot at 12:30 am.

One Punch Man will also rejoin the block for another encore run at 2:30 am beginning next week on August 11, as Space Dandy’s encore run will come to an end this coming Saturday.

In addition, with FLCL Progressive’s encore run also coming to an end on the 18th, and FLCL Alternative’s run not for another 2 weeks (and August 1 most likely having a Labor Day Weekend marathon), the August 25 edition of Toonami will showcase a doubleheader of Attack on Titan for the 11pm hour. After some initial confusion on if Toonami will be doubleheading new episodes or not, Jason DeMarco clarified that the doubleheader will be an encore presentation of the season 3 premiere as well as the premiere of Episode 2.

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