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BIG NEWS! It has just been announced by Aniplex Of America that Sword Art Online will air on Toonami beginning in August.  This is the only confirmed information we have at the time. Keep checking @ToonamiNews as more info arrives!


  1. I personally would have preferred a show with tighter writing, characterization and storytelling like Accel World or Madoka Magica, but as far as casual fare goes, you could do far worse than Swrod Art Online. Consider me on board.

  2. Never seen it, heard numerous people say it was good (seen below as well) seen a review and I’m looking forward to it. Don’t spoil anything in the comments 🙂

  3. It’s going to be damn interesting to see how this show performs… as for a time slot, some (including myself) are predicting it at 2:30am, once Eureka Seven finishes its run.

    • Well Sword Art is a dub premiere so ‘m putting money on 1:30 or 12:30 is they don’t mind breaking up The Big 3.

      • Well they should because I’m not a one piece fan so I would prefer if they put sword art online at 1 pm because I do not want Naruto to put at later time slot.

        • I prefer they move Naruto; now wait hear me out. First of all One Piece is in higher HD and that crispy vision will attract more viewers. There will be no way they will ever get Shippueden from Disney and with all those fillers, the manga is their last stand. Only way we can find a solution is finding a extension for a earlier time. Overall, there are plenty of shows I can see coming to Toonami in the Future, Kenichi, D Greyman, Ghost Hunt, Sands of Destruction, Samurai Champloo, and maybe even Full Metal Panic 🙂

  4. I can see this replacing Thundercars, seeing as it airs in august, I’m predicting a August 17th release date

  5. yay!!!! i hope this take igpx time slot n moves it back….. or eureka….. at least toonami is changing things up….. hope fully they get somethin else in the future… like some seinen…..

  6. my friends tell me SAO is awesome so i can’t wait to see it “the story is awesome, the art is awesome you’ll love it” but i want to see it for myself, SAO here i come

  7. In a week SAO will replace either thundercats or sym bionic titan and then the other show will be replaced by fairy tail SAO will air a 2am.


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