The last marathon of 2015 is upon us! Next week, Toonami will be airing the most recent 7 episodes of One Piece back-to-back. Check out the promo that just aired below, featuring Toonami’s new and improved look!

What are your thoughts on ending the year with a One Piece marathon? Do you think they could have chosen a better show? Or have you been dying to see a One Piece marathon ever since it started airing? Leave a comment below and discuss it with us.


  1. Not a bad choice. It kinda makes up for One Piece losing its brief spot at the 8:30 PM encore slot. Seriously, [adult swim], you screwed up big time on that opportunity.

    I hope they decide to marathon some shows that aren’t airing on the block right now like Space Dandy or IGPX.

    • They didn’t screw up, not enough people were watching it so it got pulled. A la the television business. I love One Piece, the Foxy – Water 7 – Enis Lobby arcs are my favorite parts. It’s disappointing that OP isn’t as popular over here in the US.

      But yeah would love to see them re-air S2 of Dandy since it hasn’t happened.

      • Yes, not enough people were watching… because they decided to begin airing the encore just when the show reached a couple of completely unnecessary filler episodes that no one wanted to watch in the middle of a big story arc.


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