To the surprise of many, Zoids Wild finally debuted in North America on Netflix last Friday (Aug. 14). Typically, Netflix will dub a series in multiple languages to reach a wider audience and is generally why an anime on that platform would take longer to become available (in the U.S.). However, many (like myself) were surprised that the English dub for the series was done by Ocean Group, which isn’t as well known as Bang Zoom! or FUNimation. So it will be interesting to hear how everyone’s performance sounded in this new Zoids project and how well received it will be amongst anime fans. 

Many will remember that Zoids was a franchise that aired on Toonami. And while there’s little to no chance for this series to air on the block, it’s interesting to see that more content of Zoids is returning. Maybe if this series garners a lot of attention (binge-watching and whatnot), there could be more Zoids projects in the future!

Per Anime News Network, here is the English cast:

Cole Howard as Arashi
Adrian Petriw as Shade
Andrew Cownden as Scrapes
Chiara Zanni as Dyna
Gabe Khouth as Pach
Kazumi Evans as Greta
Lee Tockar as Meta Data
Maryke Hendrikse as Battalia
Michael Adamthwaite as Boombox, Quade
Ron Halder as Gaffer
Samuel Vincent as Analog
Sarah Hauser as Onigiri (Hong Kong dub), Sauce (Hong Kong dub)
Alex Barima as Bastion
Andrew Cownden as Gigaboss
Andy Toth as Charger, Hatchet
Brian Dobson as Battery
Brian Drummond as Chuckles
Connor Parnall as Maverick
Howard Siegel as Buggy
Ian Hanlin as Old School, Zamaas
Kazumi Evans as Sawyer
Mark Gibbon as Numb-Lock
Michael Dobson as Haxile, Maverick’s Dad
Peter New as Malware, Morrison
Rhona Rees as Maverick’s Mom
Richard Ian Cox as Master Bug
Ron Halder as Landlord, Router
Samuel Vincent as Tremor
Sarah Hauser as Arashi (young – Hong Kong dub)
Sean Thomas as Shiloh
Thomas Love as Young Arashi
Catch the show now on Netflix, and tell us what you think of the series in the comments below or our social media pages!
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