Lately, we haven’t been posting music on our feeds and we wanted to update you on what we are now going to do going forward to advertise Nerdcore Hip Hop music with a new thing called Music Mondays. Each Monday, we will post whatever we have music wise from artists that have submitted songs to us from the previous week. Each track will get posted on our Twitter page @Geekeinc and if we get more than 3 tracks in a week we will make a post that goes out to all our social media feeds. So what are the rules to submit so to speak? Let’s break them down for you:

1. Must be nerdcore hip hop tracks.
2. Have a link to the song you want us to post on Soundcloud.
3. Also have a link to your Twitter page so we can tag you.

Email all song submissions to Check back with us after 2 weeks if you stuff hasn’t been posted yet. We are human so we may miss something.

Album Reviews

We are still doing album reviews so please apply the following rules above with the addition rules applying:

1. Send us a link to play and or download your whole album as well as a link to share it on our page.
2. Include album art.
3. Include any info we should know about the album as well as the artist.

Again, the email is Reviews may take a month to complete so please be patient with us. Do not contact us until after a month please.


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