Shown tonight on Toonami was this little promo called Ladies of Toonami. Let us know what you think of this promo and comment below.


  1. Felt a bit rush, but I liked it. Glad to know Sarah is promoting from both sides like it should be. Also can I say Major one shot with that .50 Cal Rifle damnnn. Great promo though.

  2. Mannn i was dead asleep; when all of a sudden that little beat woke me right up. “Oh ohweoo” lol id love ro know what song that is.

  3. Was searching for awhile at work last night and tonight online to see if anyone had posted the ladies of toonami bump.Fortunately and glad they posted it here tonight gave me another chance to hear and see it again.Always enjoy toonamis promos and bumps but this one stuck with me for the short being.Enjoyed the music was thinking of how good it would sound sampled (if it hasn’t already been) over a track.Of course the chopped up mix of ladies in power was well done as always.Everything came together the way it should.Brought back good memories of when toonami had the throwback lineups,mix and mashups of promos,the time before and between the dbz/gundam/beebop/zoid/outlaw/trigun era and naruto/fullmetal/trinity/bleach/onepiece era.Keep doing what you doing toonami.


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