Many fans were wondering what would replace My Hero Academia since the series was going to finish its fourth season on Saturday. Would there be a marathon since the Fourth of July weekend was coming up, or would Toonami dive right into a new series for fans to watch? A lot of questions were answered as Toonami announced Thursday what their plans will be for the immediate future. Dragon Ball Super will once again return to Toonami with a marathon and will stay a bit longer than just one weekend.

To celebrate the 4th of July we’re running a Dragon Ball Super marathon, with a special bonus hour, 12a-4a! We’ll show…

Posted by Toonami on Thursday, June 25, 2020

For the Fourth of July, Toonami will have a Dragon Ball Super marathon that will last four hours long (instead of the typical three). The marathon will show episodes 60-67. Then starting July 11, Dragon Ball Super will lead the block and begin at the Universal Survival Saga. It is still unclear as to how long Dragon Ball Super will stay on the block.

Here are some reactions to the news:

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