Toonami Promo: Parasyte

Are you as excited for Parasyte as we are? Check out the promo that was just aired on Toonami: Parasyte, the second Sentai Filmworks show on Adult Swim's Toonami, will...

Toonami Promo: Dragon Ball Super Promo 2

The second promo that debuted tonight was the second Dragon Ball Super promo. What did you guys think of this promo? Comment below and let me know.

#OldSchoolFriday – Attack On Titan Long Promo

Old School Friday returns once again, and in light of the Attack On Titan marathon we thought we would make the promo this week the Attack On Titan long...

#Trigun Badlands Rumble Promo

So in case you guys missed it, here is the promo for this month's last movie Trigun: Badlands Rumble. Enjoy.

Toonami Line Up Promo 03.23.13

We're relatively late with this video but here it is for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below!

Promo: Samurai Champloo Marathon

This week's goodie was a promo for the upcoming Samurai Champloo marathon, featuring some awesome Run the Jewels background music. Just as action packed as you would expect a...

Toonami Promo – DBZ: The Legend of Broly

Next Saturday night, the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Legend of Broly comes to Toonami and here is the promo for the movie. Let us know what you think...