DBZ Kai 12/19 Marathon Promo

First the sixth Intruder episode, then the Samurai Champloo announcement, and now a promo for next week's DBZ marathon! Tonight's been an excellent night for Toonami content. Are you excited to...

Toonami Line Up Promo 03.23.13

We're relatively late with this video but here it is for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below!

One-Punch Man Episode 4 Promo

It's nice finally having episode promos back! Brings us back to the Attack on Titan days. This one is for this upcoming week's episode of One-Punch Man, titled "The Modern...

Previews For This Week’s #SpaceDandy and #AttackOnTitan

In case you didn't see the previews for next week's episodes of Space Dandy and Attack On Titan, here are both previews for each show.

Puty Boy Strut Music Video

During the epic movie Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone we got a weird music video entitled Puty Boy Strut by Flying Lotus. Let us know what you think...

The Intruder Part 1 and Promos #Intruder2

So thanks to the internet, we have all the parts and promos for The Intruder Part 1. Some of these can be found on Toonami Digital Arsenal if you...

Toonami November Lineup Promo(Including FLCL and GITS)