Otakon 2022 In Review

It’s admittedly difficult to describe an entire convention experience in one article accurately. There are little moments that collectively give us a complete picture of what attending...

New trailer for Dr. Stone: Stone Wars released during Virtual Crunchyroll Expo

Dr. Stone’s highly anticipated second season is planned for release beginning this January 2021.

Toonami-Related Highlights from Adult Swim Con 2020

A report on the Toonami-related highlights from Adult Swim Con, the first-ever online convention hosted by Adult Swim.

Toonami Faithful at Online Conventions 2020

With the state of the world right now from COVID-19, I applaud how both FUNimation and Anime Expo did what they could to bring anime fans something...

Toonami Related Highlights from Anime Expo Lite, Aniplex Online Fest, and FunimationCon 2020

@AnimeSavior reports some of the big Toonami-related highlights from Anime Expo 2020, which turned into an online event due to COVID-19.

What to Watch For: Toonami Related Panels at Anime Expo Lite, Aniplex Online Fest,...

Anime Expo is going digital this year thanks to COVID-19, but it will still be an event worth celebrating. These are some of the panels to check out and watch for regarding potential news for Toonami and its shows.

Toonami Faithful interviews Zeno Robinson at the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Premiere

@AnimeSavior talks with Zeno Robinson, the voice of My Hero Academia's Hawks, Demon Slayer's Genya, and One-Punch Man's Superalloy Blackluster