Ninja Kamui Preview

Toonami’s latest original co-production is bowing February 10 at midnight and Adult Swim was kind enough to grant us the screeners for the first two episodes. These...

Toonami Ratings For February 3rd, 2024

Data from SpoilerTV February 3rd, 2024 TimeShowRatings12:00amDemon Slayer166,00012:30amDr. Stone142,0001:00amLycoris Recoil143,0001:30amOne Piece133,0002:00amNaruto Shippuden133,0002:30amIGPXN/A

Toonami Ratings For February 10th, 2024

Data from SpoilerTV February 10th, 2024 TimeShowRatings12:00amNinja Kamui (Dub)215,00012:30amDemon Slayer186,0001:00amLycoris Recoil178,0001:30amOne Piece154,0002:00amNaruto Shippuden139,0002:30amIGPXN/A3:00amNinja Kamui (Sub)N/A

Toonami Ratings For February 17th, 2024

Data from SpoilerTV February 17th, 2024 TimeShowRatings12:00amNinja Kamui (Dub)257,00012:30amDemon Slayer193,0001:00amLycoris Recoil178,0001:30amOne Piece156,0002:00amNaruto Shippuden140,0002:30amIGPXN/A3:00amNinja Kamui (Sub)N/A