The rematch between Eren and Reiner was short-lived and disappointing since I wanted to see if this new version of the Armored Titan was an evolved version of what we’ve seen in the series. While Eren landed the only punch, Reiner successfully retrieved Porco during the assault. I was happy and proud of him for pushing through his self-hate and desire to die to save Porco, who never held back his negative feelings toward Reiner throughout the years. We see Reiner didn’t lose the aspiration to become a hero despite the hardships he endured to this point of his life. It’s a redeeming quality in his character development this season. After realizing the fight was over, Eren and Mikasa retreated to the airship, which made Gabi’s blood boil as she took off after them.

Finally, we see our main trio back together as Armin helps Eren and Mikasa into the airship, but it doesn’t seem like the three are on good terms. Armin’s saddened eyes gave the impression of disappointment in Eren’s actions and even his own when he destroyed Marley’s port. The tension could not have been any higher, as we begin to see how Eren’s ideals seem to differ from the group’s. Levi greeted Eren with a kick to the head, a familiar action between these two ever since season one. Levi congratulated Eren despite our hero’s concern if his letters were understood and worked with Levi’s terms. I found this development fascinating because Eren typically followed orders of the Scout Regiment throughout the series, but now he’s making his own decisions while the Scouts have no choice but to follow his “lead.”

After Falco stops Gabi from chasing the airship as the Scouts are leaving, she begins to explain the horrors she’s been through, including watching Zofia and Udo perish. Gabi continues with her determination to show the world Eldians, not on Paradis Island, are good people. Falco explains this attack was revenge for what the warriors did (Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie). Gabi successfully shoots down Lobov who’s ODM gear is attached. She seizes the opportunity to use this gear to get on the airship, with Falco following by grabbing onto Lobov’s body at the last minute. As soon as Gabi boards the airship, she aims and shoots with her bullet hitting and killing one of the more beloved characters in Attack on Titan in Sasha! Soon after Sasha’s death, the Scouts react in kind by pummeling both Gabi and Falco mercilessly. I felt a tad sorry for Falco, considering he was trying to stop Gabi’s actions, but I felt minimal sympathy seeing the just deserts that came Gabi’s way. Losing a fan-favorite character like Sasha, who showed amazing growth, and some hope throughout her time in Attack on Titan, took a toll on me and possibly every fan as well. 

After the two Eldians are captured, Jean takes Gabi and Falco to Eren’s part of the airship. At this point Gabi would start bellowing all the threats she plans to attempt toward the Scouts for the atrocities they’ve committed. To Gabi and Falco’s surprise (and mine), Zeke is alive, recovering from his fight with Levi, and it appears he hasn’t been taken as a prisoner. Commander Hange enters the room, letting Zeke know everything played out as he wanted, despite a couple of “miscalculations” (Gabi and Falco). Was the attack on Marley orchestrated by Zeke and Eren merely listening to him? On a side note, Levi showed unbelievable restraint with his role of “killing” Zeke, but this has to be a one-time pass. Hange tells Eren the Scouts no longer trust him because of Eren taking advantage of the Scouts’ history of prioritizing his safety. Zeke interjects, saying Paradis Island now possesses the Founding Titan and a titan with royal blood. Of course, I want to know how this fact will come into play, as I’m sure many fans are curious about this latest development. We learned Eren’s lack of royal blood prohibits his possession of the Founding Titan’s full power, so I’m wondering what these two have up their sleeves in accessing this power.

Connie interrupts the discussion by announcing Sasha’s death, which made me (and probably everyone else) cry. When Eren asks if Sasha had any last words, Connie replies that she asked for meat, which made Eren laugh. It’s like Sasha to mention food since we knew how much the soldier loved to eat. It hurt to watch Connie, Mikasa, and Armin cry over Sasha’s death because she meant so much to the Scouts, especially to Connie and Jean. Considering how much families are ripped away by titans, seeing this pseudo-family lose a valued member is heartbreaking. I’m happy that Connie told her and Jean how much they meant to him before Sasha met her demise. Sometimes we don’t get the chance to let our loved ones know how much they’re loved while alive, so I found this moment so profound and easily demonstrates why Attack on Titan has a large fan base. The emotional moments feel genuine and take a considerable toll once something terrible happens. Emotions were delivered effortlessly by the English dub cast for this episode, from Gabi’s anger to Jean blaming Eren for Sasha’s death since he forced the Scouts to attack another nation. We’ll learn the ramifications of the latest battle in two weeks as the Scouts make their way back to Paradis Island. We will miss you, Sasha, our meat-loving Potato Girl.

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