Sometimes you have an album that projects dominance from the moment you hear it. JustHis League, which pays homage to the Justice League, does that in volumes and music of this caliber can only be inspired by the elements of hip hop that had some kind of freak accident that gave this album performance superpowers.

This was literally lyrical ambrosia. From the moment you started listening to th is album, you don’t want to stop. Hand downs, this is an instant banger for the club. The music flow is just upbeat with some mastering in the mix and the bars that were dropped are on point. Assemble, one of my favorite tracks on the album, comes at you so hard that it’s possible you just got hit by Superman and your atoms have dispersed to another dimension.

The album feels like it was the culmination of artistry in the music, coming together and using some serious tactics to bring out some superior tracks and creating a flow to the music that is represented well. Another track on the album called Wonder Woman was smooth as silk and I can’t deny that this song is worthy of getting play time in my car as I ride out into the sunset.

JustHis League gets a 10 out of 10. It’s just one catchy song after another that is fun listening to and it just gets your blood boiling to the point it makes you want to go out and fight the evil doers who produce bad music these days. This album is worthy of massive airtime. Good hip hop is hard to find so hurry up and listen to this right now!

You can hear and download his full album by using the player below. Be sure to follow Gizmo on Twitter @JustHisLeague and on Facebook by clicking here.

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