At long last, the wait is finally over. Toonami announced on their Facebook page a new show will be joining the lineup this month, and it’s a series many fans have been waiting for quite some time. The fifth plate of Food Wars will return with hopes that many fans still have some room for the deserts the series always brings. And while some fans are ecstatic about the return of everyone’s favorite battle chef series, Food War’s fifth season has some controversy among those who have already seen it, at least because it is considered a weaker part of the franchise.

My Hero Academia also will continue to have an hour-long showing, at least for the foreseeable future, due to Toonami’s latest schedule graphic. The midnight hour belongs to the new generation of heroes, which is a puzzling move. Still, the new season of Food Wars will follow at 1 a.m. After that, the schedule will remain the same, with One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, and Primal staying in the same place they have in the lineup. This leaves the door open for one more possible series to join Toonami’s ranks, so they don’t have to play two episodes of My Hero Academia, but we can only wait to see what will happen next.

It’s certainly a move that has some fans wondering what’s up. Many are curious why the block is choosing to air more of My Hero Academia (which has a finite number of episodes) compared to long-runners like One Piece or Naruto Shippuden. Considering how challenging it has been for Toonami to acquire new series to air, it doesn’t add up. Why run through My Hero Academia so quickly, which could have Adult Swim return to the same issue that has plagued them for a while? Hopefully, more answers will come to light, and all we can do is watch and support the block we know and love.

And some may be wondering what was the big deal. Why is there so much disdain toward the final season of Food Wars and the final story arc in the manga? I’ll leave that for the viewer to decide as they experience it, and I will avoid any spoilers for those reading this. But the biggest thing is that things felt rushed, and this season takes it to another level. Not to mention that the ability of the chefs we meet in this final arc doesn’t fit what I and many others have read in previous chapters. It didn’t stick the landing and felt more like a mess to try and salvage what was a fun property to experience overall.

Despite all the negatives you’ll hear about this season (which has nothing to do with the English dub), it is nice to have a new series join the block and that Food Wars will be able to finish on Toonami to give fans some closure. Something that a few other series never had. Nothing else to do but enjoy the meal and be prepared for seconds as we welcome back a veteran series as it races to the finish line!

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