If you’ve been enjoying Made in Abyss, this installment of This Week From Toonami will be one you want to read. The property has made all kinds of splashes both within the Toonami fandom and anime fandom worldwide, with a release date of the much anticipated second season. And if you’re keeping track, we’ve reached three parts of the final season of Attack on Titan (we know, this is getting a bit silly). But there were other things to highlight this week that Toonami fans will want to check out, especially since TOM 2 was almost voiced by someone other than Steve Blum! Time to dive in and find out what you need to know from this week about the greatest cartoon block on the planet.

During the week, Toonami released an odd schedule graphic on Facebook. It was missing Made in Abyss and didn’t have anything listed for the 2 a.m. hour. The post was soon taken down and was later replaced by a new one showing that Made in Abyss will have an entire hour to finish its finale (around 48 minutes long) on April 9. With this change, One Piece will only air one episode that Saturday, and we are unsure if this change will stay or if One Piece will gain its hour back the following weekend. So far, there hasn’t been an announcement for Made in Abyss’ replacement, but we should expect that to happen this week, so be on the lookout on Toonami’s Facebook page to find out!

Toonami also debuted a new promo to inform fans about the Made in Abyss finale! The short promo showcases that fans are in for an emotional ride, especially considering Nanachi’s request to Reg at the end of last night’s episode. It should be an explosive finish as fans have been glued to the TV since this series joined the block.

But that wasn’t the only Made in Abyss news for the week. While it’s always essential to take announcements made on April 1 with a grain of salt, it was confirmed that the anticipated second season of Made in Abyss would premiere this year in July! The staff celebrated the announcement with a new visual to bring back the buzz for a widely popular anime. Hopefully, this will mean that Toonami will eventually pick up the new season when the English dub is finished.

Sad that Attack on Titan’s final season is ending? You won’t have to be upset too long now that the official Attack on Titan Twitter announced a third final part on Sunday! Right after the last episode for the second final season ended, the official Twitter account posted a video and new visual to tease the third final season, which will premiere in 2023. For those who aren’t up to date, this should imply that the entire manga will be adapted into an anime, and Toonami fans should probably suspect this final anime to air on the block as soon as possible. This series does not want to end, as we will now get a third part of its supposed last season of heavily acclaimed property.

*How can a series have three final seasons?*

Jason DeMarco took to Twitter to have an impromptu Q&A with Toonami fans. There were a couple of interesting details to learn, such as that the block has all but given up on acquiring the rights of Demon Slayer’s second season. And that the FUNimation Crunchyroll merger has posed an obstacle with getting series for the block, and that co-productions will Crunchyroll won’t be happening again. But it wasn’t all bad, as DeMarco mentions that toward the end of May, there will be something extra for fans to see to celebrate when Toonami officially began airing on television, the possibilities of anime movies returning, and that IGPX might make a return to the block. It’s a thread Toonami fans will want to read when they have the chance.

Fans of Big O will finally be able to experience again with the sound of its original soundtrack (OST), which is now available on iTunes and Spotify! Many fans continue to praise how much they enjoy the series, so being able to listen to the music of the series is another fun way for fans to look back at one of the cult classics that fans love to watch. It’s a favorite among Toonami fans so we hope those who love the series will be able to listen to all the jams included.

Aniplex posted a 16-minute video to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Sword Art Online! In the video, fans can see clips of every season of the franchise alongside the iconic music that Sword Art Online is known for since it has invaded the anime sphere. If you’re wondering why this video was published later this year (Nov. 6), an anniversary event for Sword Art Online will take place in Tokyo in what many should expect to be a fun time of celebration. We mentioned this last week’s This Week From Toonami, so if you want more details, check that article out to see what will occur!

A new One Piece game was announced this week, with the trailer of it live-streamed! Later this year, One Piece Odyssey will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam in a brand new experience for fans. Interestingly, while Bandai Namco is producing, the company ILCA will be developing it, which is the same company that worked on the recent remakes of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for the Pokemon franchise. It will be interesting to see how they handle this project after the number of glitches players found in those games. So far, the trailer looks fantastic, and we cannot wait to try it out when it is released!

Many people have enjoyed discussing the Oscars after recent events from the award ceremony. But what might have been lost is that actress Jamie Lee Curtis mentioned in an interview how she’d love to be cast in the live-action One Piece series as Kureha. Last year, her daughter was a guest on the One Piece Podcast, mentioning how much she enjoyed One Piece and that Jamie Lee Curtis loves Kureha. Maybe if the series performs well and gets a second season, she will get the chance? Jamie Lee Curtis also gave a shoutout to her favorite character Tony-Tony Chopper and the English voice, Brina Palencia! Considering how Hollywood often scoffs at animated series, it’s nice to see some praise and recognition go to the field of voice acting, and it has to be viewed as a wholesome moment for anime fans!

Chad Bonin has been a well-known stable among the Toonami community. While he typically moderates Toonami panels at events like MomoCon, Chad has also started a Twitter account (@ToonamiBot) to post all kinds of videos the block has produced over the years, helping archive Toonami. This week, Chad announced a massive project where he will be covering the history of every series that has ever aired on Toonami! You’ll be able to find this project on his YouTube page (The Tsundoku Zone), and mention that the first series he will be covering is the original ThunderCats series! We are very excited to see how this project will go and offer all of our support to Chad in this endeavor. And who knows, you might hear staff members from Toonami Faithful help out in the future! And if you can, feel free to check out his Patreon page to see how you can help Chad in this monstrous undertaking.

To celebrate the return of Toonami on April Fool’s day, Anime News Network published an editorial highlighting the fantastic night that changed television forever. In this piece, author Red Bard dives into the history of Toonami and how it impacted anime fans in the U.S., and why this April Fool’s prank had many losing their minds at how amazing it was to return. Still, it was interesting to read about how Adult Swim came to think of bringing back Toonami for a day and how quickly staff wanted to make it happen. While also realizing how hard it would be to pull off, the article hits all the emotions on what makes Toonami special. At the end of the article, Anime News Network also posted their interview with Jason DeMarco about Toonami returning to television. We cannot express enough that Toonami fans want to read this excellent editorial!

This week, the publication Loop released a lengthy article talking about the untold truths about Toonami. It highlighted how Mike Lazzo, Sean Akins, and Jason DeMarco’s careers were launched from the success of the block, the powerhouse it became due to shows like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, and how different it was giving fans hosts and cut intros in a unique packaging found nowhere else. But there were also some crazy things revealed that might have had Toonami look very different. Initially, the host of Toonami was going to be a teenage girl, and Freddie Prinz Jr. was almost TOM 2! The article has a ton of great information that fans will want to check out and see what staff member Junior had to say who was mentioned in this piece!

On the latest episode of Shenmue the Animation, staff writer Bryan “Laser Kid” Johnson talks about his experience watching Ryo learn more about the Wude to find Yuanda Zhu. However, it would appear that his ideology and Xiuying’s are coming to a head as she has strong feelings toward revenge and how it can consume others. Worried about the path Ryo might walk down, she seems to be trying all she can to keep him away from his goal and eventual reunion with Lan-Di. It does lead to an interesting discussion as to how far revenge can take someone and what is the appropriate response to handle things like murder. But if you’re curious about everything Laser Kid had to say, make sure you check this review to find out!

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