Toonami to premiere Sword Art Online and Big O Season 2 on July 27th!

By Dragonpiece

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Earlier today, we told our followers on Twitter that the on air schedule for showed Sword Art Online premiering at 2 am on July 27th with Big O replacing Thundercats at 3:30 am. We didn’t know for sure if news was official because of past schedule errors, but just a hour ago the official Toonami Tumblr confirmed this was indeed the case and also gave out a new schedule as seen below…be sure to comment and tell us if you are excited for Sword Art Online and Big O season 2 on Toonami and check out the unofficial Toonami podcast next week for talkback on the news!

12:00a Bleach

12:30a Naruto Uncut

01:00a One Piece

01:30a Soul Eater

02:00a Sword Art Online

02:30a IGPX

03:00a Eureka 7

03:30a Big O Season 2

04:00a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

04:30a Cowboy Bebop

05:00a Inuyasha

05:30a Inuyasha


  • Mello

    I’m excited but what about for those who didn’t watch big O season 1. Those people are going be complete lost.

    • Frank Savoca Jr.

      Toonami doesn’t have the rights to The Big O season 1 because of the whole situation with Bandai Entertainment. They have season 2 because they co-produced it. I’m sure it won’t be that bad for newcomers because a lot of those episodes will be stand alone episodes.

      • SkinnerEva .

        The first season still sets the tone and characters for the show though. Big Duo’s fight, the introduction of Beck, and just all the other plot points are lost. I would have much rather of seen FLCL, GITS, or an hour of Bebop than Big O S2. Don’t get me wrong I love Big O, but showing though it smack dab at the beginning of episode 14 is going to confuse more people than help the block. Throwing Big O S2 makes the Toonami rebranding of [adultswim] action block more apparent, they’re just filling tv air space.

        • Frank Savoca Jr.

          I understand your point, but unfortunately there’s no way for them to get season 1 because no one has licensed it. They’d probably rather have put Big O in over Bebop because of all the complaints they got about Bebop still being around. GITS has aired once already, so I’m sure FLCL will follow Big O when it’s done. I think we’re way beyond the point of calling this adult swim action with toonami packaging. They just need something to fill up the second 3 hours of the block; they’re not gonna put new stuff that late because of all the viewers that drop out after eureka 7. And yes, I wonder if this so called “mystery show” will replace eureka 7. Although, I hope the block expands at that point because a premiere at 2:30 am wouldn’t be that great.

      • Mello

        Oh okay because if they did have season 1 I was suggesting they start from the beginning just so people don’t feel lost. Though I guess the fans of toonami need to watch season 1 of Big O in order to understand the next season. At same time it would been nice to have season 1 so they can do a marathon of Big O so people aren’t confused.

  • cement

    fuck august!!!! we got july 27!!!! hells yea!!!!! sao! sao!

  • dragonzord1993

    Sweet! We don’t have to wait two months for Sword Art Online, and we finally know when Big O will start airing, though it saddens me to see that the only american cartoons on the block right now are being sacrificed.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    They should have tried to get another half hour before bleach and put Sword Art there

  • danny sewell

    for those who want to see Big o season 1 watch it online, and even thou Big o season 2 has been played multiple time’s this is the 1st time season 2 has been played on TOONAMI Big o has not been on TOONAMI since 2001 and i have never seen the show so i am very glad it has returned to TOONAMI, those complaining about Thunder Cats and Sym-bionic Titian they have ran before, its time for more anime to be shown that’s some what fresh to the block, besides if your going to complain about the schedule, its most likely going to change at the end of October which is only 13 weeks from July 27,if you don’t like the shows don’t watch them but at least support TOONAMI as much as you can

    STAY GOLD TOONAMI faithfull, the block can only get better and better

    • dragonzord1993

      Thundercats and Sym-Bionic Titan were american cartoons, which provided some variety to the block. While I’m aware that Toonami can’t rerun those shows forever, the least they could do is put some new american cartoons on in their place.

      Toonami wasn’t and never will be anime-exclusive. It’s for action-animation, and that includes american animation.

      • Frank Savoca Jr.

        I’m sure they’ve looked into putting more American cartoons on toonami, but Jason has said before that there aren’t that many good ones out these days. And they can’t air any shows that are on Cartoon Network, Boomerang, or one of their other affiliates.

      • NonHyped

        I think this goes back to what I said last week. If American Anime is to really succeed they need to challenge the Japanese Anime. Only this we can find better American Anime shows.

  • Kirsten Boggs


  • Manuel Beltran

    I’d be cool and would like if they review the game phantasy star online 2 when sword art online comes.

  • Zach

    this schedule change messed me up. directv didnt recognize the change so i missed episode 14 of SAo

  • kresley

    yayayayaayy sword art online is back