Toonami Ratings: August 10th, 2013

By Dragonpiece

Time Slot Show Slot Rating Slot
12:00a Bleach 1,247,000
12:30a Naruto 1,190,000
1:00a One Piece 1,039,000
1:30a Soul Eater 1,000,000
2:00a Sword Art Online 1,077,000
2:30a IGPX 825,000
3:00a Eureka 7 831,000
3:30a Big O: Season 2 664,000
4:00a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 669,000
4:30a Cowboy Bebop 599,000
5:00a InuYasha 586,000
5:30a InuYasha 615,000

Ratings Highlights from Turner’s Weekly Ratings Notes via TVbytheNumbers

Saturday night’s premiere episodes of Bleach (12 a.m.) ranked #1 in its timeslot among adults 18-24 & men 18-24/18-34Naruto (12:30 a.m.) ranked #1 in its timeslot among adults & men 18-24/18-34; One Piece (1 a.m.) ranked #1 in its timeslot among adults 18-34; Soul Eater (1:30 a.m.) ranked #1 with men 18-34 & 18-49; Sword Art Online (2 a.m.) also ranked #1 with all key adults and men. Overall, TOONAMI premieres increased by mostly double and triple-digits across the board vs. the same time period last year.

Great job on the ratings Toonami Faithful!

  • Zero

    Hello shit, this is the best so far this year!

  • YourDad

    Dayyyummmmmm, 5 mills.

    • Sketch

      Attack on Titan deserves better than a 2AM premiere slot.

      • Digger Thornburg

        If attack on Titan does air, it would probably wait until the tail end of 2014, when Bleach is finished. Naruto and One Piece would get moved up, and it’ll probably get stuck at 1am.

      • Digman14

        If attack on Titan does air, it would probably wait until the tail end of 2014, when Bleach is finished. Naruto and One Piece would get moved up, and it’ll probably get the 1am timeslot.

      • Brevin Secretzfan

        Agreed Fairy Tail has been out now like Soul Eater and deserves to be put down by Attack on Titan………but yea Bleach will be over by the time Attack on Titan is dubbed



  • dragonzord1993

    Nice to see another non-shonen show get over a million viewers (the last show that pulled that feat off was ThunderCats).

  • Sketch

    I had a feeling Sword Art could crack 1 million at least once if not perhaps on occasion. I hope that isn’t a fluke but we’ll see. IGPX should get a nice boost from Star Wars this week but Big O’s drop stance a chance of getting wider following The Clone Wars and it’d be a pity if Star Wars brought in solid numbers to 3AM only Big O to lose a sizable chunk. Don’t get me wrong I love Big O but it looks like only airing season 2 isn’t working out so well.

    • SkinnerEva .

      Big O Season 2 has been losing a little over 110,000 viewers in the past few weeks. It’s defiantly not as strong as Titan was in the amount of how many people turned off their television sets. I don’t think Big O season 2 was the smartest idea. FLCL, or Gits SAC, would have been better choices. It would allowed them to contact Sentai to get the rights to air the first season again. Yeah, no one knew that Sentai would get the rights, but showing a tv series from start to finish makes more sense than half way. I’ll be curious to see if Big O gets a proper airing in the future, since we don’t know how much the network will pay to fill the slots after 3AM. It also be interesting if they’ll pay to get HD versions of Bebop now that Funimation owns it.

    • SKECHER9

      I think you’re over-estimating the effect that StarWars will have, Eureka7 is a great story (I would watch it all a third time before attempting to watch CloneWars) but to be honest I haven’t ever watched Big O (But I might have to now that Eureka7 is done.) I have an odd feeling that SAO is not going to last very long.

  • Guest

    HOLY… A Quin Million?! ULTRA COMBO

  • FinchoMatic

    A quint million?! There’s no way that can be right!

  • Danny Sewell

    TOONAMI did allsome, lets see if we can break 6 million keep it up faithfuill

  • cement

    holy fuckcycles!!! 5million!!!! i like SAO spike!!!! possibly #expandtoonami material…. and now we have clone wars coming!!!! holy shit!!!?


    … This is awesome. But I can’t possibly fathom how the Clone Wars would could be an improvement? I still have bubbling curiosity about SAO, think it is a great addition. :)

  • Brevin Secretzfan

    Toonami!!!!!! Push up Star Wars

  • Ryan Burch

    =O Oh. My. God. FIVE millions!!!!!!! Never thought I’d see the day…

    • NonHyped

      Seriously amazing let’s keep spreading the word out for toonami guerrilla marketing style; spread the word softly every show matters. On a last note, I was thinking of a classic for the last showings for Toonami. Has anyone ever seen Irresponsible Captain Tylor? I really think this show deserves a shot for last showing on Toonami to boost industry for more Anime and Western Animation. If anyone here can take a look at the show, I think we can point toonami in a good direction.

  • sonofdark18 .

    Job well done Faithfuls!!, lets keep this up!

  • tylofitz

    Sword Art Online will challenge Bleach once it starts getting good around like ep. 10. It really should go before Soul Eater and One Piece. I really hope they make another season for it.